Three Generations Working TogetherI have been thinking about the three generations of our time.  Boomers, Generation X, and Millennials.  We are the first triad of generations to grow up in a connected world and I believe great positive change can come from it.  We built One Union based on the belief of this connectedness and the power we have in our numbers to change course from this doomed existence of a scarcity society based on survival into an abundant society based on prosperity.   This is the message One Union wants to send to all people.

Millennials, the people running the show are not planning anything good for you.  I call it the “big D” for Dystopian jobs, Debt, Dying Planet, and Death.  The plan is to continue digging up all your resources and despoiling the land.  We need to get out of this dystopian future now so when you take over the world is in better shape.

I used to tell you to get off your phones and get some fresh air outside.  I still do, but I also have come to realize the beauty of all the collectives you have formed through all forms of connectedness.  These beautiful hives or collectives you have created hold the key to your future.  You can ferret out the truth using the vast array of information available.  Your hives are quick to catch on and to lock in march-step against things you know are wrong and for things you know are right.

Now is the time to make use of all those magnificent collectives.  Sync up each of your hives under the mother hive of One Union.   March in lock-step against this dystopian future and forge a better path.  Millennials, this is your Clarion call.  Get back on your phones and computers and use Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other social network to take share the message of The One Union hive and sync up.


TriangleThis is your symbol.  Fly this banner in all your hives and make that symbol when you’re out in the world.  Let everyone see the power of your numbers and that you’re not going to accept what they are planning for you.  Lastly, I got some Millennials of my own and I want to tell you I am proud of you for who you have become.  So, sync up and hang in there, everything is going to work out just fine.



Generation X:  You already know what I am going to ask you.  That’s right, we got to go back to work again.  Remember when they called us the slacker generation?

We have been through it all; Recessions, dot com bubble, housing catastrophe, the second great depression.  Decades of no raises.   What did we do?  Laced up our boots and work harder.  60-hour work weeks and both parents working became the norm.  We do side jobs, side businesses, and side hustles, anything in our power to maintain a semblance of a life.  We are survivors and we know how to work.  But now it isn’t just about us anymore, is it?  Our kids are growing up and their prospects are dimmer then ours were.   And I’ll be damned if I am going to sit back and watch my kids get their dreams crushed.  To be exploited and drained of all hope just to feed the insatiable appetites of the few.  Hell no.



Laced up bootSo, to you my fellow Gen X’ers’, I say let’s go back to work one more time and fix this mess once and for all.  It’s time to do what we do best.  It’s time to lace up your boots.  The “X” in those laces stands for us.  And when you see those Millennials with their triangles over their heads, you show them our X so they know we got their back.  It’s time to go to work!




Boomers:   Your generation came of age during the first burst of vast connectivity on earth.  From this activism exploded contrary thought that could be heard by other people.  People could use knowledge to affect change, like forcing a factory to stop emptying its pollutants into a river.  Or to show the stark contrast of Martin Luther King’s peace marches against the harsh reactions of people wanting to continue racism.

You were not able to achieve your dream in your time.  But now it is you who are out front leading your kids and your grandkids, and we will stand with you and make that dream become a reality.  It is time for you to lead again, to be the shepherds and to leave this place better than when you got it.

Arms raised in VNow your sign is “V” for peace, love, and victory.  I can think of no better banners to lead this exodus from a scarcity society to an abundant one.  So, when you see those Millennials syncing up out in public give them your sign and let them know you stand with them.


We three generations are the first to experience connectivity on such a scale.  Today we take the first steps to take our stand.  The first steps out of this scarcity society of survival and unto an abundant society of cooperation.  Today we return to our true migration pattern of who we were meant to be as a species.  A higher expectation and a new expected reality that we choose and achieve.  Folks, this is a joyful time for these dark days are numbered and a bright new future is upon us.  And we, us, these three generations are going to accomplish this.  I am so proud of what we are going to do, so grateful to stand with you and to march forward to something better.

Now, Millennials, sync up!  Gen X’ers lace’em up!  Boomers Peace out front.  The time has come to let them know that we are here, and change is a’coming!

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