Million Dollar Idea #1 – Ski Flying

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FREE (almost)

Ok folks, as promised here is the first Million dollar idea.  I will be giving out these ideas once a month so be sure to check the blog!   Why am I giving these ideas away?  Because they are not doing me any good rattling around unused in my brain.  One Union is my last go around, and I am grateful for it.

Remember!  One Union shall receive a 10% royalty on all business ideas*.  That’s ten cents on every dollar.  Pro tip:  Set your cost to the profit desired and add the 10% royalty.

*This is on the honor system so be honorable! 

Ski Flying Zip Line

I decided to start with this one simply for the “cool factor,” alone.  Ok, we have all seen the Olympic Ski Flying events.  Quite probably the most spectacular, dangerous, exhilarating sports ever.  Folks, the pictures on T.V. don’t do it justice.  To stand on the top of one of these swaying ski jumps and look down the barrel of the chute is to truly know what scary is.  As I was watching last winter’s Olympics this idea flew into my head.

Imagine if you will, having the chance to experience Ski Flying for yourself.  And not just any old Ski Flying but to experience the world record jump of 235 meters/831 feet!

Well, you don’t have to imagine anymore.  Ski Flying Zip Line offers everyone a chance to experience this once in a lifetime opportunity.  That’s right, climb the hill and take the elevator up to the top of the Ski Jump.  Enjoy the View of 3 states and Canada as the Ski structure sways with you in the wind.  You are strapped into world class flying skis and harnessed to the zip line above.  With a slight push, you are off, barreling down the chute and heading straight in to thin air.  Feel the skis under your feet as they rush down the rails.  And then it happens, take off.  Feel the exhilaration as you soar through the air and down to the ground rushing up to meet you.  Just as you hit the world record ski jump mark the zipline harness arcs you up and safely away so you don’t have to deal with those pesky landings that break bones.

Live to Tell About It!

That’s right folks, you just experienced world record ski flying and lived to tell about it.

ski jumper in the air

Now, I hear you folks, you’re saying that would take a lot of money to build a ski flying hill and your right it would.  But what if I told you there happens to be a ski flying hill begging for use to revive the sport and create a world-class training center for Ski Jumpers.  And not just any old ski jump but the largest ski flying hill in North America.


Copper Peak, MI

That’s right folks, way up there in upper Michigan, Copper Peak Ski Flying hill waits to be reborn.   The Copper Peak group has been seeking grants and doing fundraising to bring ski flying back to CopperPeak.  They also aim to open a world-class ski flying training center.   I am sure there is a deal there to allow for the creation of the zip line that would also support the Copper Peak group’s goals.

Copper Peak MIWith today’s technology Ski flying is possible year round.  Best of all customers seeking this once in a lifetime experience can sign up for a specific time online.  No lines, no waiting, now anyone can plan this as a destination experience like no other.  People will come from all over the world for their reserved jump and will also be able to take in the experience of watching real ski flyers from the training center take flight.  Jumps can be priced to accommodate profit and revenue sharing with the ski flying school.  And don’t forget about the photograph that clicks right as you take off from the jump.  I am sure you could charge a pretty penny for that close-up.

Wow—Just Wow—Right!

There you have it.  Million dollar idea number 1 is in the books.  Enjoy!

On tap next; this one is going to offer ease, simplicity, interest and exponential growth.  Tune in next month for the business that everyone is going to be talking about!



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