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My Life Food Truck Mock UpHere is the second idea in our Million Dollar Idea category. Please read the introduction to this category for more information about its purpose and goals.

How many people wish they could pursue their true passions but can’t afford it?

Most of us give up our dreams for regular jobs and many that pursue their passions end up subsidizing them at low-wage, dystopian jobs to keep the dream alive. But what if you could make money while pursuing your true passions and skills? Well, you can, thanks to My Life / My Food Truck.

This is no ordinary food truck and no ordinary franchise. My life food trucks are a collection of like-minded people that pursue their dreams. Rock climbers, mountain bikers, snowboarders, artists of all varieties, writers, and photographers. Those interested in social change, volunteerism, or conservation. A vehicle to make money for those that would rather pursue other interests in life.

Not Your Ordinary Business!

Food Truck open for businessThis is no ordinary food truck business. Take a look at what sets this brand apart from all the rest.

  • Each food truck is as unique as its owners. Refashioned milk trucks, old VW vans, and 70’s style conversion vans complete with teardrop window. The only qualifications are that it is cool and can pass a DOT inspection. This non-brand will quickly become THE brand as, if you see a really cool truck serving something you know it’s a My Life/My Food Truck business.
  • Backed by the best. We are talking culinary masters who invent signature dishes and drinks for My Life / My Food Trucks. Trucks can sell breakfast, lunch, dinner or all three.
  • Ordering product couldn’t be simpler. Simply log in, choose your location and food items a couple days ahead of time. Easily pick up your food items at local mail depots and serve them the same day.
  • Franchises cost a lot of money, involve 200-page contracts, and lock you into ten-year agreements. Forget all the paperwork, time, and money. My Life/My Food Truck offers a simple one-page agreement. If your truck passes the cool test and the safety inspection, you are halfway there. The contract allows rights to use the name in exchange for buying the food products especially prepared by culinary greats. Each item sold is profit for franchise and franchisor, food and beverages are paid for upfront so accounting is a breeze and there are no collections. The only other condition is you only get one license, one truck. Sorry One Percenters, but you can’t gobble up a thousand of them under YUMMY BRAND MEGA CORP and install minimum wage workers to schlep the product 24-7.
  • Pick a spot and open up your food truck for business. But this isn’t your typical food truck. My Life/My Food Truck customers know and appreciate that these folks are there to make enough money to let them pursue their dreams. Each food truck chalkboard tells the unique story of that owner’s dreams, passions, or art. Each customer knows that by purchasing from the truck that they are supporting the owner as they pursue their dreams. They also know that My Life/My Food Truck serves the best food the leading chefs of the day can come up with.
  • Time is money, now means, money is time! When you are lucky enough to see a My Life/My Food truck open its window for business you know two things. It is going to be delicious and it is going to be limited. My Life / My Food Truck only serve a limited amount of food for a limited amount of time. This is the whole purpose of the business, to be able to make enough money to live on in a few hours so the balance of the day can be used to chase your dreams. Customers know this and so they are quick to line up. The result is about an hour of frenzied, orderly, jazzed up service and food and then, poof, it is off in pursuit of a dream.
  • Want to quit the franchise. Simply stop buying the product and change the name on the food truck. No lawyers, no contracts, no regrets.  Want to sell the franchise? Put a price on it and sell it. No permission needed, no fees paid to the franchisor for the right to sell.

Chef cooking in the kitchen.Low Cost and Easy to Start!

That’s right folks, this is a business that is low cost and easy to start. The business plan is simple with no more accounting then paying for groceries. There are no territories, sell where your passion takes you. Want to move on, easily sell your business in the time it takes to post an ad. Work a couple of hours a day and make enough to do the things you’re passionate about the rest of the day. No bosses, no dystopian workspaces, no putting in 10 hours a day to make ends meet.

At My Life/My food Truck it is just good food, good customers and profits enough to keep going. So what are you waiting for? Make your life a My Life today!

Restrictions: Folks I am serious about these requirements for the person(s) who start this.

  • The contract is one page. No fees, no terms, no nothing.
  • Each business is free to set their own hours and sell the products they choose to sell.
  • One franchise per person. No exceptions no corporations.
  • The franchisor must host an annual event where all the food trucks come for the weekend to show off their trucks, and passions. Highlight what these folks are doing and accomplishing. Have categories for the varied interests and showcase your talented owners. Get good bands and pay for the whole thing out of franchisor profits.
  • Have fun and pursue your dreams!

A Personal Note

On a personal note: People, this is just one example of a business opportunity that helps free us from these shackles this system of mass exploitation has put on our lives. It’s a lower barrier to entry but with more monetary rewards then the low wage gigs those hucksters are peddling.

Will the “franchisor” have the potential to make more? Surely they will, they are the ones doing the heavy lifting. They will also prove you don’t need to shackle people in contracts and red tape in the incessant goal to make all the money. Surely they will miss some opportunity for profit. People can leave, change the business name and start a competing business. They can work less and sell less product. The franchisor doesn’t get a cut off the top of everything just the profit from the goods sold. I would imagine the visionary who brings this to life is going to plow some of those profits into more opportunities for people to pursue their dreams. Fuel this idea that time allows us the freedom to create which is always a good thing. And you know what? The franchisor may miss out on some profits, but we haven’t factored in the gains of this model. What is the synergy effect of having all these passionate people, inspiring people with their dreams, and representing a brand as a way of life? And what of the non-monetary rewards of fostering this creative explosion of passions. In the end, everyone makes money and that is a good thing. One Union likes this idea so much we are willing to partner with some talented folks to make this happen if need be.

Andy Sorensen, President and Founder, The One Union

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