Wealth Among the Few

Like many of us I watched Mark Berg’s heartfelt video about his families struggling Dairy farm.

Hearing the unvarnished words of a Man who clearly cares about his work, family, and way of life struck to the heart of what ails our Country. I always read the comments online from readers even though I shouldn’t as the coarseness of the discourse always leaves me angry and dejected.

Many comments were in the vein of how times changes and people need to change with them. This is certainly true; you can’t sell many rotary phones these days. But we act like this must be a certainty. That every single industry will be monopolized, squeeze out all others and concentrate this wealth among a few people. That we must monopolize everything to produce the cheapest product possible all in the name of turning out higher and higher GDP (Gross Domestic Product) numbers. That how much money we make producing is the end all, be all quantifier of success.

My Question is Why?

Divide between the rich and poor

If all this monopolization does is degrade the prosperity of the many while enriching the prosperity of the few what’s the point. Why should we slave away so that the end of the year we can be tired and broke but that’s ok because we made our GDP number? Shouldn’t the health, wellness and prosperity of ourselves be the goal?

Simon Kuznets invented the latest version of GDP for a U.S. congress report back in 1934. But he was careful to say that we should not use GDP as the sole indicator of how our economy is doing. He argued that several indicators should be used, primarily the overall wellness of the populace as that is the primary goal we are trying to achieve. Kuznets said, “Above all, GDP should never be confused with well-being.”

We ignored that and made GDP the godhead of Capitalism. The U.S. currently is number 1 in GDP at 21 trillion, China is 2 nd with 14 trillion. We are also number one in several other categories. 1- GDP, 1-Most billionaires, 1- highest debt.

In other words, we work the hardest to produce the most which the profit goes to a few people. In return we receive long working hours, highest debt and diminishing wealth. On world rankings on overall livability; Health, wealth, education, happiness we score somewhere between the 8th and 17th depending on the study. We are not winning in any sense that matters and have been getting participation ribbons on these scores for years now.

But no matter the sector, Dairy farmers, manufacturing, etc. the answer for the loss of opportunity is that is just how progress works.

The End Goal

Isn’t the end goal about happiness, opportunity, prosperity? Denmark embraces these goals and while they don’t win the GDP rankings, they finish first in happiness rankings and in the top three of overall livability rankings. They value happiness more then how miserable they can make themselves maximizing production to satisfy a few mega rich people.

I agree with Dairy farmer, Mark Berg. Screw this bullshit system of enriching the few at the cost
of our happiness. It isn’t an either-or scenario and never has been. All we must do is end our
agreement of it and the exploitation ends along with it. Hang in there Mark, you are not alone. This Nation is a powder keg of pent up anger from having our prosperity stolen for decades. All it needs is a spark. All you folks that feel the way Mark does join One Union and let’s create that spark together. #choose happiness


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