Preaching to the Choir

It is no secret that inequality has reached epic proportions in the U.S. and that people at the bottom do not need to read about it as they are living it. We started The One Union (UnionApp) about a year and a half ago with the idea that we could use technology to unite people who wanted change. We believed that people from all walks of life needed to come together to create change, combat rampant corporate greed, and help create a better world. At this point, we have gotten the support of like-minded individuals, but have not succeeded in building a broader coalition.

Not Alone

The One Union has added its voice to the chorus of groups fed up with corporate greed and inequality. Groups and individuals such as the Patriotic Millionaires, Conscious Capitalism,, Robert Reich, Brookings Institute, Unions, Worker Centers, Fight Inequality, and the Economic Policy Institute to name a few exist to educate and unite the public in the fight against inequality and poverty.

Our App

Screen Shot of One Union Mobile AppWe began by building an app designed to connect people based on the type of work they did. Maybe that was a mistake. After all, there are many apps and social media platforms available for people to connect and communicate. Why not just use Facebook groups? Facebook is the multipurpose social media network used by over 2 billion people worldwide and supported by a large, well-funded corporation.

Over time we have learned that Facebook is not really interested in protecting the people that use the service and allowed fake accounts to proliferate. Mark Zuckerberg has become a billionaire by selling our data. Even so, it has become so influential that no business or organization can ignore the power for Facebook for marketing and building connections. Although we have built a custom app that takes the conversation off the mainstream social media apps, we also use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram to reach as many people as possible.

Why is our App unique? Our app was built to be the networking tool for all workers: blue-collar, white-collar, agriculture, manufacturing, hospitality, etc… It was designed to automatically group users by job type, industry, and employer. No searching for people to connect with, the app does it for you. Users also have the option of creating private groups.

Our Posts

Worker CEO pay gap

To date, we have published 70 blog posts and over a hundred of our weekly Monday and Wednesday graphics. We try to be consistent in our message and continue to highlight the facts regarding inequality, corporate greed, and the changing nature of work. This is our way of adding to the conversation.





One Union RV PhotoMembers of our team have traveled across the country to talk with people and ask them to join us in our effort to build a united group of millions of people to fight inequality. We have had picnics, meet and greets, and set up information booths in an effort to reach out to the widest group of people. For the most part, the reception was positive. Perhaps the most skeptical people were those involved with the traditional unions. They believed in their system and did not think our new way was going to work.

The Future

Fork in the roadFor now, we will continue to advocate for change and encourage people to give our app a try. Polls show a rise in public support for Unions and there has been a marked increase in organization and strike activity. Even so, only about 12% of workers are represented by a union. Corporations and business organizations have spent years fighting union organizing and convincing people that they don’t need a union. Unions have and will continue to be one of the ways workers can fight for better treatment when corporations focus on short term profit for shareholders rather than the well-being of the employee and community. Money talks. If you hear of a company that is mistreating its employees, don’t give them your cash. This is a concrete way that you can support workers. Join us or any organization whose mission and goals match yours. Change is possible when people unite with a common purpose and take action.

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