The System

Let’s face it. A big part of success in this world is knowing how to work within the systems that run the world. It begins early in life when you enter the education system. Those children who learn the rules quickly and have engaged parents, do well while those who struggle to adapt to the structure can be quickly left behind.

teacher and children at school

The system establishes the hurdles or hoops we must jump through to progress from year to year. Elementary to middle to high school and beyond. Many states offer college tuition assistance to residents, but you better know the rules early on if you want to meet the requirements.


Student Loans Newspaper Headlines College Debt Navigating the college admission process (system!) is another hurdle young people must jump. The process can be intimidating especially for first-generation students. Parents must also learn the system. What is the FAFSA? What is an aid letter? Does my child have to accept all offered aid?

Jump Forward 50 Years

So you have managed to navigate the systems and now you are ready to retire. Now the fun begins. When should you sign up for Social Security or Medicare? How do you access retirement funds? Do you need supplemental insurance? Is your will up to date? The hurdles and hoops never go away. At a certain point, the responsibilities get passed on to your children or other relatives.

So You Want a Drivers License

DMV Road SignAhh… the DMV! Talk about a system. Anyone wanting a drivers license better know how to follow the rules and regulations. At what age can I get a permit? What do I do if my school does not offer drivers ed? How many hours of behind the wheel do I need? Passing the tests is just the beginning. In some states, you will need several documents such as a birth certificate to apply for your license.

Financial Success

It seems as if those who can navigate the systems in our financial markets achieve a high level of financial success. Stock traders, mutual fund managers, private equity managers, and more are experts in working within the system to generate the most profit possible. These people can help the average person build a retirement portfolio and plan for the future, but only if people choose to seek their help. Of course, you have to be earning a good income.

What’s the Point?

There is a private or public agency that will help people with almost anything. Without help and the ability to navigate the many systems in place, people struggle to exist in our organized world. Success in the world is determined by many things including luck, but one key factor is the ability to navigate the systems. Those who learn to do this early and well succeed, those who struggle to use the systems do not. Those at the very highest levels of society seem to have mastered the art of making the system work for them. Wise investments lead to high levels of passive income and the ability to make money work for them.

image of locked doorsUnfortunately, many doors are closed to those without access or the knowledge to use the systems. Those who have mastered the system write the rules and regulations and use their money to buy influence. The children of those who know how to use the system are given instruction and support early on in how to do the same.

Of course, there are other factors that prevent people from succeeding. Even the smartest person can fail if they cannot jump through the right hoops at the right time. I’ve known many people who had the talent but couldn’t do the simple things like showing up for work or class on time. I know, we need the systems to bring order to chaos, but for more people to succeed, mentors are needed who will help those of all ages learn how to use and navigate the system to their advantage.

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