National Garbage Many DayNational Garbage Man Day Monday, June 17

A friend of mine drove a garbage truck for a few years and from what he described it sounds like a tough job. Much like the postman, trash collectors must go to work in all types of weather. It was not uncommon for my friend to work 12 hour days to make sure all of the cans got picked up. There is a lot more to this job than most people realize. Safety checks, vehicle maintenance, getting a class B drivers license, and maintaining a good driving record are just a few of their responsibilities in addition to picking up and disposing of trash and recycling. It can also be a dangerous job.

Take a moment to thank your garbage man and give a friendly wave when you see him go by your house.

Read about the history of garbage collection here:

What Are a Corporation’s Social Responsibilities?

Wooden signpost with four arrows - ethics, honesty, integrity, respect Large corporations have vast resources available and have the option of dedicating time, money, and energy towards the common good. Unfortunately, many corporations focus on profits for the shareholders and executives to the exclusion of philanthropic activity. Why should a corporation give back to the community? How should they choose what causes to support?

This week the NFL’s Minnesota Vikings Foundation launched a new program aimed at feeding kids. Read about their new food truck called Vikings Table in this article from the Star and Tribune. The food truck will be visiting twin cities neighborhoods and providing free meals to needy kids. The program is also receiving financial support from Xcel Energy.

Raise Wages

Corporations have a major opportunity to improve the overall wellbeing of millions of people by improving pay and benefits for their employees. People who are paid well and can afford to provide for their families live healthier more productive lives. By focusing on helping those in need in the community and employee pay and benefits the community as a whole will prosper.

If I Can’t Have a Raise, Neither Should You!

People fighting over money.Just a quick glance in the comment section online for articles about low wages and you will notice very quickly that people often question the value of the work of others. Essentially – Why should they get a raise?  I have more training and experience than they do. Fast food workers don’t deserve $15 an hour.


Here are some comments made on Reddit:

  • Fast food jobs should be a first job, not a job to live off of. That is why it should be lower.
  • It’s not supposed to be a forever job. It’s supposed to be a job for high school kids and teenagers.
  • It takes little to no thought or skill set. Much like being a hotel room cleaner or a janitor, cooking and cleaning are basic skill s that pretty much any mildly competent person can do.
  • I agree. $15 seems high for a job requiring 0 skill.
  • Agreed. If you want higher pay, then obtain the skills to justify higher pay.

  • I don’t know why an idiot would work a first job forever, honestly…
  • I live off 10. And I work in an ER and literally have peoples lives in my hands.

  • They don’t deserve $15 to flip burgers.

Fast Food Worker Demographics

The average age of fast food workers has been steadily rising and for many, it is no longer a job for after school or just a way to earn some spending money. Fast food workers are trapped in jobs that used to be “stepping stones” or “first jobs”. As the economy has recovered from the 2008 recession, more jobs have been added in the service sector than any other field. According to an article in Business Insider:

“And the dark blue line shows the federal minimum wage had it grown at the same rate as American productivity, reaching $19.33 this year, more than double what it actually is.” Business Insider

The Federal minimum wage has not been raised since 2009.

The Time to Unite is Now!

Here at The One Union, we think it is time to unite and end this 30 year period of wage stagnation. Those at the top will be happy if we keep fighting amongst ourselves and ignoring the huge gains they have stockpiled. Let’s support all workers trying to get long overdue raises.

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