The Million Dollar Idea!

pile of dollar billsWelcome to the Million-dollar idea category of The One Union blog.  Each month we churn out another million-dollar idea!  The obvious question is; what does this have to do with One Union?  Good Question!

One Union does not look at the worker – company dynamic as an “us against them” scenario.  Of course, One Union is adamantly against the one-sided equation of inequality that has taken hold over the last decades.  It is why we created One Union, to re-balance the scales and renew our shared compact as Americans.  Beyond this, though, we see a model of true partnership between business and workers where each party benefits from the fruits of their combined labor.  Our goal is to get away from the one on one confrontations of worker versus management and use a cooperative arrangement that benefits all.  When we do that, we will have successfully taken the worker out of the exploitation equation and get them back into the shared prosperity equation.

Business and Workers Must Come Together

We need business, we need people with ideas and a fierce willingness to bring these ideas to market just as we need dedicated workers to bring these ideas to fruition.  So, we created the Million Dollar Idea category of our blog where we can share the promise that business ideas can create.  Where we can take a break from the conflict and dream the American dream together.

The ideas we present all have a level of positive benefit and stronger partnership between the entrepreneur, worker and the community that enables all businesses to exist.

It is our hope that members of One Union, Entrepreneurs and Employees are able to connect in One Union.  To start with a cooperative agreement and a shared vision and bring one of these ideas to fruition in shared prosperity.  That is a 180 from the long-held position of us against them, a mentality that has come to dominate our culture.

It is Time to Reinvigorate Our Communities!

There is a wider purpose to this, ‘American Dream’, space we have created with the million dollar idea category.  Our true goal is to reinvigorate communities all across America with the algorithm for creating wealth in communities which states; the faster money circulates in a community the more wealth is created.  This is a purposeful approach to create broad prosperity through businesses in communities that are more insulated from the outside economic forces we have no control over.  An agreement that says we are all in this together and these are our community’s expectations to do business and prosper here.  Simple things like paying a livable wage and not shirking your cost of employees and putting the burden on the community to pick up the tab.  Profit sharing where everyone has a stake in the success of the business.

Cooperation is the Key

To accomplish this, we are going to need cooperation on all levels.  We are going to need seed money to start these purposeful economies along with entrepreneurs and workers to bring this sustainable model into the norm and not the exception.  This business paradigm shift is coming over the next few years.  In the meantime, we can use this million-dollar idea space as a way to take a break from all these divisions and conflicts and dream this American dream together.

Rules of the Million-Dollar Idea Dream

  • Absolutely no whining and picking apart the models! These are ideas, not ready-made businesses for you to take off the shelf.  If you want a complete model send One Union $200,000 dollars and we will send you back the completed business plan!
  • One Union shall receive a 10% royalty on all business ideas. This is on the honor system so be honorable.
  • If one of you Entrepreneur’s out there decide to bring an idea to life, please include and recruit One Union members.
  • Please add your comments for improvements. Entrepreneurs, workers, retirees, all suggestions are welcome.
  • Have fun and Dream!

Andy Sorensen, Founder and President of The One Union

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