A Choice Must Be Made

Fork in the roadSometimes we come to a fork in the road and a choice must be made. I arrived at a fork in the road of life as the result of a breakdown caused by the stress of running a business I owned during a particularly rough patch. My breakdown forced me to remove myself from the environment and spend some time getting help and healing. During and after my recovery I came to understand the importance of faith and meditation. I began to study both topics and implement them in my daily life along with a focus on gratitude. I realized that all religions have a prime directive – love one another.


Love. A simple but complex solution. I asked myself if it was possible to bring people together when so many forces seemed to be dividing our country. Each group blames the other for its problems. Hate and anger are common. We see patches of unity in the wake of a tragedy, but it is often short-lived.


Divide between the rich and poorAs a businessman who had experienced my share of failures and successes, I began to question the role of inequality in the problems I was seeing in the world. How could it be that productivity and profits increased, but the wages of so many remained stagnant? Automation played a role, but in many cases, it seemed that corporate greed was the cause. CEO pay has skyrocketed, and companies focus intensely on the generation of short-term profits for shareholders and executives. Compounding the problem was the types of jobs available. As the country recovered from the great recession of 2008, job creation was greater in industries with lower pay than the factory jobs of the past. More and more people found themselves trapped in dead-end jobs barely making enough to survive. Combined with huge increases in the cost of higher education, and the lack of affordable housing and healthcare, millions of people felt left out of the prosperity those at the top were experiencing.

The Political Landscape

I looked at the political landscape and realized that the average American was merely a pawn to be used for votes and not to be helped. The power of big money and lobbying had completely corrupted the system. Elected officials no longer working for the good of all people. If our government cannot protect its own people, what hope do we have?

What Could I Do?

ChoiceI began to ask myself what my role was and how could I make our country a better place? I knew I could never be a politician. My whole life had been centered around business. Could I use this experience to build a new type of organization designed to raise wages and reduce inequality? I spent years thinking about the problems and solutions and studied the world of business looking for weaknesses that we could exploit for the benefit of the working people. The most obvious weaknesses in large corporations were their interconnectedness and single-minded focus on short term profit. If we could disrupt profit, a change was possible.  World events such as the Arab Spring or Occupy Wall Street showed the power of social media to unite people for a common cause. Why not create an app similar to Facebook or Twitter built solely to connect workers? A plan began to take shape.

The One Union

One Union LogoIt was time to unite and fight the vast inequality that exists in our country. We created a new organization called The One Union and built a mobile app to connect workers, consumers, and investors. People only have one vote in elections, but every dollar spent is a vote in favor of a product or service. This is the true power of unified action. Our app is the bridge to connect people from all walks of life who believe that our prosperity has been stolen and it is time to take it back.

The key to success is love and unity. Joining The One Union signals your agreement that you will love and support your fellow members in the quest for a better life for all people. A revival of the American Dream.

Andy Sorensen, Founder of The One Union

Join The One Union

Make your choice! Drag figure 1 or 2 onto the egg of life.

Love, Care
Pollute, Death

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