Welcome to the billionaire’s club. Here are 15 companies all surpassing the billion-dollar mark in value that did not exist 10 years ago.

collage of company logos

  1. airbnb
  2. Uber
  3. Snapchat
  4. Pinterest
  5. Instagram
  6. Instacart
  7. Spotify
  8. Dropbox
  9. Lyft
  10. WhatsApp
  11. Fitbit
  12. Tinder
  13. Quora
  14. Tumblr
  15. Slack

Add to the above list technology giants Facebook, Google, and Twitter and you begin to understand the power of huge numbers of users who are doing nothing but signing up and using the service.

We, us, gave them their meteoric rise in power, massive profits, and revenue with our agreement. We simply adopted these services in mass creating billionaire companies overnight.

You might ask what this has to do with me. After all, you didn’t see any profits from these billion-dollar companies, you only used their service. The point is we create large corporations every day with hardly any individual effort. It is the combined numbers of many of us simply clicking on the site and logging in to view something, that creates this incredible value and power (Your data to be used by the corporation for profit).

So, if we are creating these companies out of thin air with hardly any effort, doesn’t it make sense to create a billion-dollar company that works for us? This new company would have as much power as these giant corporations by amassing huge numbers of members and resources. It will take the same amount of work for us to create a mega people corporation to represent our best interests as it did to create these companies. Join, pay a buck, and check in once in a while. When we do this we will have created a mega-people corporation to back us all.


Let’s look at the power of this new company, The One Union.

  1. Imagine any one of these giant companies showing up at your next raise review and sitting in with you on your behalf. The One Union not only has the size and deep cash reserves, like these giant companies, it also has as members many of the company’s workers, customers, and investors.
  2. As a large corporation, The One Union and its members can take a seat at the corporate table. Now it is not you against the mega corporation – it is mega-people corporation (The One Union) bargaining with mega-corporation.
  3. The two main vulnerabilities of corporations are their Interconnectedness and model of value based on short-term profits. Anything that disrupts the interconnectedness, (Say, 1 in every 4 workers and customers leaving their stores at the same time,) disrupts the system. Any disruption of the system leads to stock prices falling as shareholders loyalty is to profit only. Now we get an idea of the power your corporation brings to the table to strike a better bargain.
  4. Now let’s take your new mega-people corporation to the negotiating table with mid-sized companies that are below the stock exchange. In your new negotiations with your mid-sized company, the company you bring with you, The One Union, has deeper pockets than the company it is negotiating with. The average worker has about a week (or less!) of cash reserves before they need a paycheck to pay the bills. This is a terrible position to go to the bargaining table. But with your new corporation by your side, you are in a position to strike a better bargain. The One Union has the cash reserves to pay you if a strike cannot be averted. This evens the playing field. If there is a strike, once it is successfully won a small portion of your raise/profit is repaid over time to be used to aid other members. You now have the power to strike without fear of economic harm and real hardships for your family.

Now we begin to see our true ability to create a mega-people corporation for ourselves with as little effort as it took to create the companies listed above. We also learned that just as we can lend our agreement to create mega corporations we also can withhold our agreement and diminish the power and profit of corporations who do not take care of their employees.

The result is our ability to take a seat at the table and strike a better bargain.

Traditional Unions are great and have helped workers win better pay, benefits, safe working conditions and other rights. We would not be where we are today without Unions. Unfortunately, only 12% of our country’s workforce are Union members. That leaves 88% of us without representation and the necessary cash reserves needed to bargain with corporations.  We are failing to tap into the power of our combined numbers. The worker, his family, cousins, neighbors, friends, all providing value through their support and association. An incredible collective bargaining power that requires the smallest of effort on our part to achieve mega results. One Union does not compete with Unions it offers its support.

The inequality gap between the 1% and the rest of Americans continues to widen and has reached record high levels. Over time, moral capitalism morphed into immoral capitalism in which all that matters is profit, now, at all costs. If you cannot affect profit, upwards or downwards, you are not part of the equation.

Join One Union, pay a buck and check in once in a while. Create a mega-people corporation to represent your interests, bargain for you, and restore the power to the people to affect profit. Do that and you have your own seat at the table and can negotiate for a fair share of the profits you helped create.

One Union – Connect and Go!  

The Revolution Starts Here!

A Union for the 21st Century



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