Clean Air via Flying Filters

Million Dollar Idea #3

Here is the third idea in our Million Dollar Idea category. Please read the introduction to this category for more information about its purpose and goals.

Air quality is a big problem.  In many of the most polluted Cities of the world, you need to wear masks when outside just to survive.  Air pollution is also the number one cause of global warming as the particulates pump heat, trapping gasses into the atmosphere and heating it up.

The answer to this serious problem is found in our everyday uses of air filters.  We use air filters in cars, furnaces, on pretty much anything that we need to keep clean and running.   So how do we use air filters to clean up our atmosphere?

Very easily it turns out.  Air filters are extremely light and can be powered into the sky by very small and inexpensive drones.  The Drone is set to propel the air filter to the desired height where the filter can float among the winds collecting all manner of pollutants.  Once the air filter has collected all the pollutants it can hold, the additional weight sends the filter back to Earth.

Each filter is pre-purchased with a $5.00 recycle fee so people profit from picking them up sending them back to the manufacturer to be cleaned and reused again.  80% of people in the world live on less than $10 dollars a day.  So the simple act of picking up the filter, that cleans our air, will be an economic boon to most of us.  Possibly the air pollutants could be run thru a gasification process creating energy out of the pollutants.

Commemorative Events

Imagine birthday parties, company product launches, town festivals, and the like purchasing air filters to send off in celebration of the event and clean blue skies.  And wouldn’t it be nice if when you go to purchase air filters and you are told that your area is already clean and does not need any filters?  Instead, you are told where in the world it is needed so you may send them there.

Instead of arguing about global warming and air pollution, we create a large new industry, provide jobs, and provide a monetary benefit for those that pick the filters up?  Workers, party goers, and recyclers all prosper and the result is clean air for all of us.

Now that is a refreshingly clean million dollar idea!


Andy Sorensen, President and Founder, The One Union







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