Why Did We Form The One Union?

How Does The One Union Work?


Is The One Union Against Unions?

No, One Union was created to support the efforts of Unions, labor organizations, and change initiatives meant to improve the lives of working people.

So who are you guys, really? The One Union is NOT A LABOR UNION and is not certified by the NLRB. We are a corporation created to apply business principles to efforts to improve wages and benefits for its membership.

Is this part of a political effort? No. One Union is not affiliated with any political party and does not endorse candidates for public office. In fact, we believe that politicians will not solve the problems we seek to address.

Does it Cost Money to be a Member? The One Union suggests a basic membership level of $1 per year but encourages a standard membership level of $1 a month ($12 annually).

Will The One Union share my personal data with other entities? NO! The One Union will never share or sell member data to a third party. We take your privacy seriously and do not accept paid ads on our website or application.

Who can join The One Union? The One Union is open to anyone (13 years and older)!

  • Blue and White-Collar Workers
  • Service Industry Employees
  • Health Care Workers
  • Unemployed
  • Retirees
  • Family Members
  • Anyone Who Seeks to Support the Efforts of Workers Nationwide as They Seek to Strike a Better Bargain!

Why Did We Form The One Union?

The Decline of Membership in Labor Unions

Throughout history, labor organizations have formed to help the worker strike a better bargain. Early labor unions like the CIO were instrumental in improving wages, benefits, and working conditions. The battle was not easy, and many lives were lost. Companies cracked down with private security forces or the assistance of the local police. It is hard to imagine the life of the early factory worker – 12-hour shifts, seven days a week, child labor, injuries and deaths on the job, unpredictable wages and layoffs, and terrible pay. The modern worker will forever be indebted to the workers who took to the streets to demand fair treatment despite the risk of injury or even death. Each generation must “win it again”. Profit at all cost has often been the guiding principle of many businesses. Profit before people and planet. Short term gains without concern for the long-term effects.

Unfortunately, only 12% of our countries workforce belong to Unions.  That leaves 88% of the workforce without representation, without cash reserves to bargain, without the power to negotiate made possible by organized support and unity. The worker, his family, cousins, neighbors, friends, all providing value through their support and association.  An incredible collective bargaining power that requires the smallest of effort on our part to achieve mega results.  One Union does not compete with Unions it offers its support.

Massive Inequality

The gap in income and wealth between the top 1% and the bottom 99% continues to increase at rates not seen in America or the world before.  Over time, moral capitalism morphed into immoral capitalism where all that matters is profit, now, at all costs.  If you cannot affect profit upwards or downwards you are not part of the equation.

95% of all the gains since the great recession of 2008 have gone to the One Percent.

The wealth of the top 1 percent increased by an average of $4.9 million over the past decade, while the average holdings of the bottom 99 percent declined by about $4,500. Wealth inequality is now the highest it has been since the Federal Reserve began collecting this kind of data in 1983.

The stark realities of these numbers prove that America is no longer of the people, by the people, for the people but of the few, by the few, for the few.  America now has the largest inequality gap in the world.  We are home to the most billionaires in the world yet have the highest debt in the world.  A person born in poverty in America today has the least statistical chance of making it out of poverty than any of the developed countries in the world.  The American dream has become just that. A dream.

Stagnant Wages

After adjusting for inflation, wages are only 10 percent higher in 2017 than they were in 1973, with annual real wage growth just below 0.2 percent.[1] The U.S. economy has experienced long-term real wage stagnation and a persistent lack of economic progress for many workers.

To Fight Corporate Greed

In the last 20 years, CEO pay rose 1000% while the average worker’s wage rose 10%.  Corporations continue to return much of profits to the CEO and shareholders while leaving workers with stagnant wage growth. A disproportionate share of the profits is directed to the CEO and shareholders.

Recent tax breaks for corporations did not result in any real increase in wages, but instead, the money saved was used for stock buybacks further increasing CEO pay and shareholder returns.

Those responsible for the risky financial behavior that led to the 2008 recession were bailed out by taxpayers and even gave themselves bonuses! Millions of people lost their homes through foreclosure, but the big banks were too big to fail!

Concern for People and Planetview of earth from space

There is only one planet that we know of capable of supporting human life. Earth. Whatever the causes of climate change, natural or man-made, the data clearly shows a planet in crisis. Much of the damage done to the environment is in the name of progress and profit. Oil spills, wildfires, air pollution, deforestation, overfishing or hunting, and an increasing number of earthquakes and extreme weather events.


  • 2016 was the hottest year in recorded history.
  • 60% decline of wildlife in the last 40 years. (WWF)
  • 400 parts per million: The concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) in our atmosphere, as of 2016, is the highest in 3 million years. (
  • Approximately 40% of the lakes in America are too polluted for fishing, aquatic life, or swimming. (
  • Each year 1.2 trillion gallons of untreated sewage, stormwater, and industrial waste are dumped into US water. (

The earth has survived numerous cataclysmic events during its long history and will survive despite man kinds impact on the ecosystem. It will survive as it has in the past, by hitting the reset button and wiping out the current inhabitants. We must change course to extend our time on this beautiful, life-supporting planet.

To Raise the Wage of the American Worker

Far too many Americans are living near or below the poverty line – 43.1 million people! (2016 U.S Census Data). While unemployment in many regions is nearing historic lows, many of the jobs being created are low wage, part-time, or temporary. More and more people are trying to support a family while working at fast food restaurants and other low-wage, service type jobs. If the minimum wage had kept pace with inflation, the current $7.25 wage would now be $19. In many cities, a full-time, minimum wage worker cannot afford rent for a 1-bedroom apartment. From 1973-2017, overall wage growth adjusted for inflation averaged just below .2%. Wage growth has not kept pace with the rising costs of health care, gasoline, food, and other essentials.

It is essential that the American Worker receive a fair share of the profits created through their hard work and talent.

How Does The One Union Work?

The Billionaires Club Welcome to the Billionaire’s Club.  Here are 15 companies all surpassing the billion-dollar mark who did not exist 10 years ago.

  1. Airbnb
  2. Uber
  3. Snapchat
  4. Fitbit
  5. Instagram
  6. Instacart
  7. Spotify
  8. Dropbox
  9. Lyft
  10. WhatsApp
  11. Tinder
  12. Quora
  13. Tumblr
  14. Slack
  15. Pinterest

collage of company logos

We, Us, gave them their meteoric rise in power, massive profits, and revenue with our agreement.  We simply adopted these services in mass creating billionaire companies overnight. You might ask what this has to do with you.  After all, you didn’t see any profits from these billion-dollar companies, you only used their service.  The point is we create large corporations every day with hardly any effort.  It is the combined numbers of many clicking on the site and logging in to view something that creates this incredible value and power for the corporation.

Create Our Own Billion Dollar or Mega-People Corporation So, if we are creating these companies out of thin air with hardly any effort doesn’t it make sense to create a billion-dollar company that works for us?  A company that has just as much power in terms of members and money, as any of these giants.  It is the same amount of work for us to create a mega-people corporation to represent our best interests as it was to create these companies.  Join, pay a buck, and check in once in a while.  When we do this we just created a mega-corporation to back all of us.

How Will Our Mega-People Corporation Work for Us? Let’s look at the power of this new company, One Union. One Union will exploit the 2 main vulnerabilities of Corporations:

  • Interconnectedness
  • Focus on Short-Term Profit at All Costs
  1. Imagine any one of these giant companies showing up at your next raise review and sitting in with you on your behalf.  Additionally, One Union not only has the size and deep cash reserves it also has the membership of many of the company’s workers, customers, and investors.
  2. As a large corporation, One Union and its members can take a seat at the corporate table.  Now it is not you against mega corporation it is mega-people corporation (One Union) bargaining with mega-corporation.
  3. By exploiting corporate vulnerabilities we disrupt the system causing stock prices to fall and shareholders to sell after all their only concern is profit. Disruption occurs when 1 in every 4 workers and customers leave a store or company at the same time.  Now we get an idea of the power your corporation brings to the table to strike a better bargain.

What About Mid-Sized Companies? Now let’s take your new mega people corporation to mid-sized companies that are below the stock exchange.  In your new negotiations with your mid-sized company the company you bring with you, One Union has deeper pockets than the company it is negotiating with.  The average worker has about a week of cash reserves before they need a paycheck to pay the bills.  This is a terrible position to go to the bargaining table with.  But with your new corporation by your side, you are in a position to strike a better bargain. The One Union Membership will provide the funds, food, and other needed items to support workers who decide that they no longer want to work under the current conditions. One Union staff will coordinate the disbursement of aid. We will help you strike a better bargain and if the employer is not willing to improve the situation, we will assist the worker in finding a new position. This evens the playing field.

Who and What Factors Trigger Action by The One Union? Our members are our shareholders, Our Membership drives which way One Union goes.  One Union members provide their input.  They rate companies, tell us what issues are most important; wages, benefits, etc. One Union puts your cumulative numbers and requests into our algorithm which tells us when we have enough members to approach a company with your requests.  In this way, One Union only goes where there is an extremely high probability of success. This creates a doubling effect as more wins condition our ever-expanding membership to support each other out of self-interest.  Additionally, it conditions companies to get on board and negotiate in good faith since all One Union does is win. In general terms One Union works like this:

  • Corporations: One Union looks for approximately 1 in every 4 workers and customers and 1 out of 20 investors to trigger an action.  We don’t need all of these numbers to trigger an action as our algorithm tells us that once an action is taken we can depend on a surge of membership surrounding the action.
  • Stand Alone Companies: In these companies, we need 40% of the workers to request One Union to take action.  A Company of 20 would need 8 workers to begin an Action.  Our numbers tell us that once an action begins we can count on more employees joining One Union and adding their voice to their fellow workers.

What Makes The One Union Different From a Traditional Union? One Union does not require membership.  Members join of free will with the freedom to associate.  Just as non-members are free not to join or associate.  One Union represents a large block of workers, customers, and investors that have decided that they will no longer participate in our present system of gross inequality. We realize that we hold all the true power and that nothing gets produced or sold without our agreement. More importantly, we realize that “Profit,” cannot be made without our agreement. We have decided to work with companies that share our values and withhold our agreement from those companies that will not. We realize that America is a shared compact, a shared struggle, a shared prosperity and that this compact has been broken.

How Do Companies Gain Our Support? One Union members give our agreement to companies that look after the long-term health of their company, workers, customers, community, and investors.  We withhold our agreement from companies that are bent on continuing the model of profits for the few—now—at all costs.  We have agreed that,

  • Our fellow Brothers and Sisters should not be part of the brutal equation of exploitation for profit.
  • We are better than this and believe that society can achieve great things that will benefit all people.
  • We agree to take ourselves out of the exploitation model and to compete vigorously on service, innovation, and hard work. NOT on who can exploit other people the best.

Why Would a Corporation Negotiate with The One Union Membership? Like us, corporations have free will and can decide if they will be responsive to our large block of diverse members or ignore us.  It is their right to choose what employees, customers, and investors it will associate with. If a company decides they don’t need 100 million Americans to work, buy, or invest in their goods and services, that is their right.  One Union members will withhold our agreement and seek another company that is willing and shares our values.  These companies will prosper while those that continue down the path of exploitation for the benefit of the few will wither and die.

How Are the Profits Shared Following a Successful Negotiation? Members join of free will and the fruits of their labor belong to them. We will assist our members in the negotiation of a better bargain. We only represent and assist our members. The process creates a shared struggle and prosperity and will encourage the next group of workers to stick together out of a shared compact and self-interest.  In this way, the weaving of our collective will can continuously grow stronger, so we may achieve the full potential of our overwhelming numbers. “All of us, workers, consumers, investors, support our members to strike a better bargain.”