Divide between the rich and poorOne Union’s Mission to Double the American Workers’ Wage

There has been much discussion regarding our mission to double the American wage.  Most of the comments from the one percent and workers have the same theme.   That it is too much, too fast.  Many of the mouthpieces for the one percent say it will wreck the economy.  The worker’s reaction is a reflex response, that it is not possible.

The Model Used by the One Percent

Of course neither is true.  The algorithm for burgeoning societies states that the faster money moves in a community the more wealth is created.  The one percent prove this every day as they take more and more.  If it wasn’t true, the One Percent’s model would have crashed and burned a long time ago but quite the opposite has happened.  They use the model of cooperation to keep funneling the money upwards where it spins among them creating untold riches.

The problem with this model is that this leaves very little money spinning below which is why the American worker has seen the longest wage stagnation in the history of America (25 years and counting) while at the same time producing more billionaires than any other Country in the world.

Why Should CEO Pay Double and Yours Can’t?

So why does a CEO think it is perfectly fine to double his compensation every two years while workers recoil when told they can double their wages that haven’t moved for 20 years?  In truth, it is just accepted realities.  The CEO cooperates with his cohorts and encourage each other to take big raises.  They celebrate this and remind each other how they are worth such immense rewards.

We are Divided!

Workers have been conditioned that wages move very slowly or not at all.  They no longer think they are worth a large raise.  Instead of cooperating we bash each other’s attempt to get a raise.  The fast food workers don’t deserve it, the Union guys get way more than they should, warehouse workers shouldn’t be paid more, on and on it goes.  In reality what we are saying is; “if I can’t get a raise then you can’t either.”  Who knows why.  Maybe it is the thousands of years under the wheel of the few and living in a scarcity society.  We are conditioned not to look up, not to question why this is happening, to keep our shoulder to the wheel lest we ruin the system.

Whatever the reason the result is that while they cooperate and use an algorithm to create wealth while we divide ourselves over and over.  Instead of using science to prosper we blame boogeymen and each other for our problems.

But the truth is that the one percent creates nearly all problems in our present-day society.  Here are some examples:

  • Illegal immigrants aren’t taking our jobs. There are two crappy jobs for every American that wants one.  The one percent took our good jobs in their model of exploitation.
  • China et al did not take our manufacturing jobs the one percent gave it to them.
  • Tax cuts for the rich don’t raise our wages or make us wealthy, it just fuels the inequality and adds trillions to our debt that we will be responsible for paying back.
  • Corporate welfare: The One Percent orchestrated the housing bubble and collapse in the pursuit of more profit.  They bailed themselves out while dragging us out of our homes.  They took millions from the bailout to bonus themselves for doing it.  Walmart costs the U.S. taxpayer 7 billion a year to subsidize their employees.  They call that savings profit which is why the six heirs of Walmart are worth 600 billion dollars.  Corporations are the largest welfare recipient’s not poor workers or the unemployed.

Man angry about wage. Pointing finger. Despite all this knowledge of who is responsible we continue to point fingers at each other and everyone else but the one percent.

If wages had kept up with Inflation a minimum wage worker would be making approximately $19.00 per hour today.  If all of our wages had kept up with inflation, we would all be making more than twice as much per hour then we do now.  Think about that.  It sure seems reasonable to ask for the bare minimum raise just to keep up with the cost of inflation. It’s like treading water, we are getting nowhere fast.

And yet when I mention doubling our wages to get to where we should be based on inflation,  people’s first reaction is that it is impossible.

In fact, it is entirely possible and reasonable and let me tell you what will happen when this is achieved.  Once wages start moving the algorithm starts working and more money begins to spin at our level instead of being sucked up to the top where it is hoarded and adds nothing to our economy.

What it Costs to Double the Wage

Doubling wages doesn’t double the cost of goods as wages are only part of the total cost of goods or services.  While this figure varies based on how labor intensive it is to produce the goods or services, overall the average increase in the cost of goods and services would be about 15%.

Now let’s take a real life look at this.  Say you used to make $500 a week and Friday night dinner costs $50 dollars.  Now double your wage to $1000 dollars and now that Friday dinner costs $57.50.  You tell me which bill you would rather pay.  People will dispute this of course but even if you grossly overestimated the cost of goods and services to 30% you are still way ahead of the game.

piles of cash for wageSo you used to make $20 dollars an hour and now you make $40.  You have double the amount of cash to spend, save, and invest.  This influx of new money circulates in ever-widening circles creating, you guessed it, more wealth.

Folks, you don’t have to believe me, this model has already been up and running for some time now.  It has created the highest concentration of wealth this world has ever seen.  It is a simple model of cooperation based on algorithms to produce wealth.  I like science, especially math.  Mathematical equations always come out the same.  2 plus 2 is always 4.

So what now?  Well, this is the truly great part of this plan to get our wages moving again.  All it requires is that you tell yourself you are worth it.  Support every other worker’s effort to raise their wages as every raise contributes to your prosperity.  Cooperate and have fun watching our wages and economies rise just as fast as it has for the one percent.  In other words, be nice to each other and enjoy prosperity.

After all, we are worth it!



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