Today’s decision by the U.S. Supreme Court to allow non-union, public sector employees to not pay a fair share of union dues is another sign of the continued decline of Union power and influence in the U.S.

In her opinion piece for the New York Times, With Janus, the Court Deals Unions a Crushing Blow. Now What? ,  Sara Jaffe highlights the damage this ruling will do to public sector unions.

“What the banning of the agency shop, known popularly as right-to-work, does is to make it possible for workers to receive the benefits of union bargaining without having to pay fees to the union for its costs. The Supreme Court has declared open season, taking a side against workers’ organizations.”

A New Model is Needed!

It is clear that a disruption to the Union model is needed if workers are going to stand a chance at striking a better bargain and retaining the benefits gained for them by the early labor activists. That is the reason we formed a corporation, The One Union, a new type of organization designed to harness the power of digital connectivity to unite workers, consumers, and investors in the fight for higher wages and benefits. We do not believe that traditional unions will be able to regain the power and influence they once held. This ruling will significantly reduce the resources of public sector union and further reduce their levels of power and influence.  Only 6.5% of private sector employees belong to unions. It is time for a new approach, one that is based on economic pressure applied by a huge block of concerned citizens to corporations that do not support the common good. We operate similarly to other national organizations like AARP or the NRA. We are a block of concerned citizens seeking to restore economic equality in our country.

How is The One Union Different?

Membership is voluntary and requires a minimum fee of $1 a year! Our power will be through huge numbers of members united in support of one another. Decisions to act will be based on member reported issues and an algorithm that will determine our odds of victory based on member support and financial resources.

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