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The One Union, A Mega—People Corporation leverages the power of all of us to strike better agreements by copying the model of cooperation perfected by the One Percent. This post explores the 7 points of the business plan.


Here is the Plan

  1. Corporations have two extremely vulnerable weak points.  Their interconnectedness for maximum efficiency and profit also leaves them vulnerable to system-wide failure.  Their focus on short term profit at all costs leaves them vulnerable to any disruption as shareholders flee and stocks plunge.  One Union leverages these vulnerabilities for maximum profits for their members.
  2. Low barrier to entry.  Pay a buck, follow along, and see what happens.
  3. One Union leverages the power of the worker, consumer, investor, family, and friends, all of us.    Nothing is produced, bought or invested in without our agreement.  We give agreement and withhold agreement for maximum gain/profit.
  4. One Union is a free association of people that no longer agree to these lopsided terms and seek to strike better bargains or find another company that shares our values; that of the long term health of the company, workers, customers, investors, and community and not short term profits for the few at the expense of the rest.  One Union seeks benefits only for our members.  These rewards risk takers who join, negotiate and, strike with the profits.  This encourages others to join or be left out of the profit which weaves the system of cooperation together and lessens the risk, thereby creating an ever-increasing sphere of profit.
  5. One Union only charges a dollar per month for membership but requires 10% of any raise to be invested in stocks, mutual funds, or One Unions human fund.  These small amounts quickly add up to billions and get us seats at the Wall Street table.  With millions of members, we invest, work, and shop at companies that share our values creating a self-fulfilling prophecy, as wherever we put our money is also the company we support as workers, customers creating increasing value.
  6. When One Union wins a strike, make the corporation force its suppliers to give the same increases.  This has a multiplying effect without the related cost and energy, therefore, leveraging up profits and exponentially increasing membership/power.
  7. Change out the carrot from short term profits for the few to long term profits for all involved – the worker, customer, investor, and community.  The only way to make money is to follow a new business paradigm which benefits The One Union—You.

A Simple and Straightforward Plan

Let’s look at this for a second.   First off, it is simple and straight forward, anyone can easily surmise the business model by reading the 7 bullet point business plan.  This is the mark of all successful business models; they are elegant in their simplicity.  Secondly, look at how it exponentially levels up at each bullet point.  This is what separates 98% of all business from the 2% that generate huge profits.  The really successful companies leverage up quickly.  They don’t need to output the same amount of energy for each customer.  The strong foundation of the focused business plan allows for amassing customers without much additional output of energy.

Let look at an example:

Here’s one of those internet cab ride businesses:  Simple and elegant business plan. (Despite being the apex of the exploitation model.)

  • Provide rides faster than a taxi cab at a lower rate.
  • Make it simple to order and pay with much lower businesses expenses.
  • Make it simple for anyone to employ themselves at any time.  Get a car, pass inspection, and turn on the app when you want to make money.
  • Create the software to eliminate the energy output.  Energy output is the same whether 1000 people or 100 million people use Uber.

uber driver looking at app on phoneUber did this and in a few years had a valuation of 70 billion. More than Ford Motor Company.  One main reason is Ford has to expend a lot of energy to produce a car, to receive the output, and to get paid for the car.  It can’t get paid for cars it doesn’t build thus limiting its energy.  (*Pro tip –  you built this 70 billion dollar company over five years simply by using it as an improved way to get around.  As long as you are going around building these mega Corporations build a Mega – People Corporation for yourself.)

Henry Ford – A Model for the Future

Postage Stamp with Henry Ford

This is lopsided, Uber isn’t worth more than Ford or at least it shouldn’t be.   Ford has better jobs.  Mr. Ford was one of the greatest entrepreneurs and innovators of all time.  And he did it with a lot of self-interest combined with a great appreciation for his workers which, surprise, benefited him greatly.  He concluded that if he paid his workers a fair wage and benefits they would have the money to buy his/their automobiles. This was part self-interest as he knew paying better wages would make him money.  And wisdom, he understood the work these men and women did and the value they brought to the equation; their skills, innovation, and hard work.

Compare that with the raging greed addict who created Uber as a way to skip all the associated costs Mr. Ford had to pay for employee benefits and infrastructure.  This margin becomes profit at the expense of the worker.  We should be asking ourselves; with the government and companies trying to eliminate health care and the gig economy which provides zero benefits exploding, how are we going to be insured?  The answer, under immoral capitalism, should be readily evident.  The few want a populace that is uneducated, poor and uninsured because an educated, prosperous, and healthy populace is harder to exploit.

Let’s Apply These Concepts to  The One Union

  • Enter a tired field with a new paradigm.  Like taxi’s, One Union leverages up from regular Unions who are down to 12% of the workforce. (Note we are not trying to disparage Unions nor are we competition.  One Union is just another shield that their members can add to their defense, not their primary source of protection.)
  • Create a leverage up system that does not require equal energy output for energy input.  One Union does this well. It doesn’t take more energy to add a customer/member after the initial structure is created.
  • Do it for less:  Unions charge monthly for service.  One Union charges a dollar and grows a member’s money through stocks.  I.E. in one model you pay and in the other you get paid.
  • Do it better:  Unions are struggling, their leverage is small.  When they go on strike locally they are all by themselves with no support and lots of risks.  One union grows exponentially increasing its power via a low barrier to entry.  (Same thing google did.  Give people good information for free, gain masses, and make billions.)   Strike locally with One Union and receive support nationally thru the connectedness.  Made it easy for everyone to join.  Not just the worker but the customer, investor, spouse, kid, and cousin who all add power whereas regular Union only leverages the worker.
  • Create a business that fulfills a great need/want that many millions of people are looking for but doesn’t exist.  This is a big, leverage up point.  People from all beliefs and both sides of the aisle are searching for something that gives them some power to have a say in what is going on.  We are not that broken that most of us don’t see that the balance of our economic equation has tipped exponentially towards the few.  No matter what their political stripes they want something that corrects this.  Problem is the only systems presently in place that could attempt to balance this equation only garner a minority portion of consensus.  There is always something in their plan that others can focus on as a reason to oppose.  One Union goes around all that.  We want to make more money, strike a better bargain, and get seats at the big table.  That is a huge consensus and level up trigger.

The One Union – A Leverage Up Company

The One Union Logo

Now you can see One Union seems to share all the traits of these rare, leverage up companies and few of the traits of the old, non-leverage up companies.  Like these companies, its directive and mission are simple and easy to understand.  Anyone can see just by looking at the 7 bullet point business plan that it is understandable but more importantly that it leverages up exponentially at each level.

Sounds great but will it work.  YES, the truth is it is just a numbers game and a shifting of our accepted reality. Of course, there is only one way to find out if it works. Join.


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